Our dream wedding came true!

30 luglio 2014
My husband & I got married on June 7th, 2014 in Italy. Of course when you go to look at venues you nitpick everything at first because you are looking for perfection.
I know many brides are very different in the planning process, but I was definitely one who asked of a lot & wanted to visualize every detail & have an exact plan. I must have wrote thousands of emails to Claudia & Beatrice that I know must have been overwhelming, especially considering how many weddings they work on in one year, but I have to say they took on a lot & really exceeded my expectations when it came time to deliver. I have to say it wasn't easy planning a wedding in another country, & the way I knew of weddings was go big & over the top so you have no regrets & fortunately I was able to have a wedding just like that so with that said I wanted everything to be perfect if I was going to spend the money. I also know italians tend to do weddings more easy going & not so crazy so for my husband he was blown away at what a wedding could be haha It took some attempts to make it all happen because our cultures are very different, but I couldn't have asked for a more BEAUTIFUL & PERFECT wedding day. It was beyond what I could have imagined, & I only wish I could relive that day over & over. I remember at the reception Claudia asked me what I thought & I hugged her & was trying to hold back tears because I couldn't believe she did it all & really went all out to make this a fairytale wedding come true for me. There was a lot to organize & prepare for & she did the last few days when I was at the castle with ease & was very motherly to me which I appreciated very much. Now this was my perception of the day, but to have our guests still calling & telling my husband I how amazing our wedding was made it even more special. They were in awe, & yes I am american so for americans to be in italy for a wedding is enough to be amazed, but they really were speechless as well as the italians who already lived in italy.
Special thanks to Claudia and Beatrice for helping with every last detail of my wedding. I hope to continue our friendship, & I truly owe you the world. I miss you so much!
Forever thankful, Roberto & Sierra
Sierra J. – New York

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